Receipt Bank

Automate your accounts payable.

Receipt Bank automatically extracts the key data from your bills, invoices and receipts then publishes this information directly into Xero (along with the attached source document). This  saves you the hassle of data entry, reducing paperwork in the office and providing huge cost and time savings.

Receipt Bank is Xero’s most popular add-on globally. The award winning service was named Xero’s “Add-on Partner of the Year” in both Australia and the UK. A suitable solution for all of  our clients regardless of your industry or sector!

Northern Business Consultants is partnered with Receipt Bank to deliver further efficiencies to our clients. The partnership with Receipt Bank is an example of how Northern Business Consultants is continually taking advantage of new technology to help our clients improve their businesses!


Receipt Bank converts those annoying bits of paper – receipt and invoices – into data you and your company can use.

No more paper

Receipts and supplier invoices are synced and stored directly into Xero, no more paper filing necessary.

Mobile app and more

Submit by post, via our iPhone and Android apps, by email or by one of the many other submission methods!

Automatic data extraction

The key data including the name of the supplier, the date, the invoice number, the currency, tax, the total amount and even more!

Automate your accounts payable

Give your suppliers your unique Receipt Bank email address and their invoices will flow straight into Xero.

Xero integration and more

Your data is safely stored in Receipt Bank but it can also be downloaded into Excel, used to produce expense reports, or published to one of our add-on partners!

Xero award winner

Receipt Bank has won Xero’s “Add-on Partner of the Year” in both Australia and the UK.

Contact us to talk with our team about the suitability and benefits of Receipt Bank for your business.

They will help you understand how it will make a difference in your business, the pricing plan to suit your needs and how easy it is to get started.

Like most things, if you seek experienced advice and do it right the first time, you’ll save a lot of time frustration and money.

Our Receipt Bank Advisors can provide your business with all the training and support you’ll require to get up and running.

We’ll show you how to utilise Receipt Bank to its full potential and take advantage of its wide suite of features.

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