Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing isn’t using a computer at high altitude like the term may suggest. In a nutshell, Cloud Computing is all about using PCs and mobile devices, to access your applications through the Internet. This can be done simultaneously, over a large network of devices and in real-time.

You’re already using Cloud Computing every day, such as Internet Banking and Online Shopping. Even accessing your webmail is another form of Cloud Computing. Many businesses are migrating to the Cloud to store their business data, saving thousands on hardware, software and in-house IT expenses.

2014 is the first year the majority of workloads will be on the cloud as 51% will be processed in the cloud versus 49% in the traditional IT space.
Cisco Global Cloud Index (2012-2017)

Northern Business Consultants specialise in providing tailored SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions from a wide range of partners. Our team of professionals help small business with setup, training & support during their transition to cloud applications, ensuring minimal disruption to your business and it’s productivity.

Cloud Applications for Business

NBC is partnered with the worlds leading cloud application providers to deliver fully customised and integrated systems for our clients, including Invoicing and Jobs, Inventory, Time tracking, Point of Sale, eCommerce, CRM and more.


Xero is beautiful accounting software. Use Xero to manage invoicing, reconciliation, accounts payable, bookkeeping and more.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank converts those annoying bits of paper – receipt and invoices – into data you and your company can use.


Using Ezidebit with Xero enables your customers to pay their invoices online by credit card, straight from the invoice itself. Direct Debit and BPAY facilities also available.


NBC Cloud Integrators are certified advisors and training specialists for a wide range of cloud computing applications and are ready to help your business and its staff with your migration to cloud computing.